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Clear Even a million miles away A Storm is heading down your way You go just screaming down the highway So close and yet so far away Bridge So you came back As sharp as a tack Like a brutal attack Just hitting the sack Just to survive a day-to-day You do it to chase the blue away And that's too high a price to pay But you can't win if you don't play

Jimi said

Let it rain, And you will see the sunshine Go insane, and feel the rain falling So in vain,but you will se the moon shine Sugar cane, Then you will hear the calling. Bridge Don't have to worry,The day wil come soon Won't be an empty nest If you really want it X2 Yea Yea Yea On the line,Have yourself a great wine, You are filled with the soul of the fallen, It's so good,You reached the end of line Stay on, and you will feel so divine

Les Années '70

Années '90

Movin on

Movin On I was walking on the beach, down in Malibu I was sad and lonely, and I was, feeling blue /Thinking that I could'nt stay, away, from you So glad I changed my mind and, made it up with you We're movin on Should be moving on X 2 People say that you're not being, honest with me Even if you say you love me, so, truly /Givin me love and affection, sugar pie So I stay with you, even, if they disagree RRR People say that I, should'nt, trust, you anymore / They don't know I'm so in love, There for Ready to live my life with you, that I adore No joy, no hapiness, if you're away encore.. RRR X 2 We're Moving on

Won't you call my name

So it's saturday, and you're all alone If you're really in, won't you take this train, I know that you won't live. a life on your own So take all your pain, flush it down the drain. ----------------- When I saw you there, you hit my funny bone You can't stop the rain, no pain no gain. Don't sit standing there, waiting by the phone, Won't you call my name, break the chains of pain. -------------- Don't stand all l alone, as dry as a bone You got nothing to loose, and everything to gain. So don't you miss, a love you'll never known